NBA Star Damian Lillard Drops Bombshell - Only Two Teams in His Radar!


Damian Lillard will only report to training camps of the Portland Trail Blazers and the Miami Heat, shutting down trade hopes for other teams.

Lillard's trade request still stands, but he is only willing to play for Portland or Miami.

This is bad news for teams like the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics who were interested in acquiring Lillard.

Lillard's desire to play for the Miami Heat has been well-known, despite the lack of action on his trade request.

The NBA issued a warning to Lillard and his agent for communicating his preference to play for the Heat exclusively.

Talks regarding Lillard's trade have been stagnant, and it's unclear if any significant discussions with other teams have taken place.

The status of Lillard's future for the upcoming season remains a mystery, creating anticipation and uncertainty in the basketball world.