Meet the 7-Foot Phenom Alex Sarr: NBA's Next Big Thing!


French prodigy Alex Sarr leaves NBA scouts in awe with his standout performance, showcasing versatility and rim protection.

Perth Wildcats and G League Ignite exhibition games offer a glimpse of 2024 NBA Draft prospects, leaving scouts impressed.

Alex Sarr's explosive performance includes a double-double, 26 points, 10 rebounds, and six blocks, setting him apart as a versatile big.

Sarr's ability to score from beyond the arc, defend, and handle the ball makes him a standout in the evolving NBA landscape.

Unlike his brother, Alex Sarr chooses the pro route in Australia's NBL, a decision that seems to be paying off for his development.

NBA scouts highlight Sarr's two-way skills, emphasizing his impact beyond just shot-blocking.

As the draft season kicks off, Alex Sarr emerges as a must-watch prospect, ready to make waves in the NBA.